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Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success.- Thomas Edison

We like to think of ourselves as a business that is entrepreneurial by design, and ultimately takes this concept into consideration in everything that they do. Great Ideas Incorporated would always aim to launch a product or business only if it would be mutually beneficial to all role players who are affected by the product or service.
Great Ideas Incorporated’s Vision is Being the only choice to our customers when it comes to business performance improvement and maximizing of growth.”

Our mission is “To deliver results through exceptional service delivery to all our clients through long term strategic relationships with all customers and suppliers alike.
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Gii Merchant
Merchant Box Set
The Merchant Bookings and Reservations system can be ordered in 4 variants:

- Merchant Lite
- Merchant Standard
- Merchant Professional
- Merchant Enterprise


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About us

Great Ideas Incorporated was formally established in September 2006. The business trades as Closed Corporation, with its head office based in Bloemfontein, Freestate Province. Our focus is to create innovative product and service solutions for business in an array of industries. Great Ideas Incorporated also focuses on establishing new businesses on behalf of its clients, where a gap exists between an actual business or product idea and ultimately taking the product or service to the market place.

Great Ideas Incorporated has several different business units, each separately responsible for its own growth and sustainability, running as separate entities under the banner of the holding group namely Great Ideas Incorporated.

Customer Testimonials

"The best such hospitality package for guest houses in the country." - Elna van Jaarsveld, De Kat Guesthouse

"You truly have a great product and I will recommend your service to any individual in the industry." -
Johan Muller, Mapasa
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