Gii "Success is best enjoyed and celebrated by breaking away from it and knowing that it will still be there when you return"
  • Great Business Partners!!
    Gii specialise in providing cost effective business solutions and services with specific focus on the following main areas:
    • Business Consulting
    • Process Development and Re-Engineering
    • ITC Systems Design and Deployment (CRM / Hosted solutions)
      This includes custom built systems that are tailored to our clients needs.
    • Business Systems / Software integration
  • Great Travel!! – Merchant / MerchPad / MerchPOS.
    We have created a powerful and robust software suite of products that yields great benefit to all accommodation providers and other role players within the hospitality and retail industry.

    The Gii Merchant Product Range includes the following Brands:
    Gii MerchantTM, Bookings and Reservations system
    - Gii MerchPad
    TM, Restaurant and Bar, Touch Interface POS system
    - Gii MerchPOS
    TM, Retail and Convenience Market, POS System
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